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關於華欣   about wahyan



畫畫人。生於一九八四,成長於荔園隔離,畢業於中文大學新亞書院藝術系。半邊獨立創作,半邊教學工作。插畫曾刊於《明報》、《明周》、《字花》、《號外》、《META》、《C for Culture》、《Muse magazine》。也作書籍插畫及劇場作品宣傳設計。偶有展覽:如《像是動物園》(2014)。零九年六四廿五年跟朋友策劃《p-at-riot:80 後六四文化祭》,一一至一三年為活化廳核心成員,一三年辦有首個展《斷爛記》,一四年創作《咩世界》漫畫,於《明報星期日生活》連載至今,一五年參與劇場作品《他鄉》,嘗試舞台美術設計。現職兆基創意書院視藝科老師。


Born in 1984, she grew up beside Lai Yuen and studied fines arts at New Asia College, the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She has her drawings and illustrations published in media including MingPao, C for Culture, Muse, META, Mingpao Weekly and City Magazine. She also works on book publication and poster designs for various theatre works. She has exhibitions occasionally. In 2009, she and her friends organised "P-at-riot June-forth Cultural Festival". She was also a member of Woofenten from 2011 to 2013. She held a solo exhibition "Fragments" in 2013.  In 2014, she starts drawing comic "Me1 World" which is published biweekly in "Sunday Mingpap." In 2015, she worked as the stage designer for theatre work "His homeland". She has also taught visual arts in HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity over the years. 


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